Epipen case carriers for children in middle school.

Carrying a fanny pack is not cool at all when you are a pre-teen. Cases with messages such as " I have peanut allergy" or "Please don't Feed me" are going to end up hidden in a locker.

If you put Epipen carriers in the same category as a clothing accessories you will better understand what it really means having to carry the large tubes everyday of your life. If a child doesn't carry his/her emergency shots is because parents aren't helping them find a carrier that they like.   To ensure children ages eight and older keep the epinephrine shots out of mind but not out of site is not an easy task but it is one that can be accomplish if you make it a priority. Therefore, every time you buy an outfit you need to make sure you have an Epipen carrier that will go with it. One for when you are wearing shorts, another one for sports,  one for parties and so on. 

 girly epipen leg pouch

epipen spibelt waistpal underwear sling             

Discreet, Comfort  & Cool Looking is a must.

Kids and even adults don't  want to carry their epinephrine because the auto injectors are too big and putting them inside their pant pockets creates a funny bulge that will give anyone a good reason to make fun of them.Wearing a fanny pack or carrying a bag everywhere you go, especially if you are a boy,  is like wearing a big sign that says " I'm weird". 

Let's help our food allergic friend and family members find epipen carriers that they can comfortably wear and not feel embarrassed about it. 

The LegBuddy and WaistPal  where designed so you can wear them under or over  your clothing.  Carrying life saving epinephrine inside these "Body Wear" holders is the only way to ensure immediate access to life saving epinephrine during an emergency.



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