Age children carry their Epipen

At what age should my son with food allergy start carrying his  Epipen Auto-Injectors?
Most parents of college students  with food allergies will tell you to start teaching your child to carry the epinephrine injectors  before they start middle school.

Many schools, especially in Canada, now require for
children to self carry the epinephrine auto injectors inside a
pouch or holder that they can strap on them. Many start at age four or five, some even earlier. 

How to teach a four year old about carrying Epipen.

  1. Parents should start wearing a carrier and ask the child to help  them put it on every time they are getting ready to leave the house.
  2. Always place the Epipen Carrier with a set of auto injectors in it, in a visible high traffic area near the entrance of your home. Place them in a hook  or on top of a table near he main door.  


When passing the responsibility of carrying the epi's to others step back and give the case to the child and ask him/her to give it to the teacher, nurse, or caregiver.  This helps the child better understand who to ask for help. 

    Dont wait until is too late.

    If your child enters middle school and has never been given the responsibility of  self carrying the auto-injectors it will be more difficult for them.  The sooner you start, the better. Talk to your doctor and school teachers and make a plan. 

    children epipen case carriers

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