Airplane travel with Epipen and food allergy.

When traveling with a restrictive diet and especially with food allergies the safest food to eat, especially while in transit at airports and public transportation waiting areas, is to pack at home a small back pack with allergy free foods and snacks.  Stay away from buying prepared foods and even package snacks from vendors.  

The most important safety net, because unfortunately accidents do happen, is to be prepared at all times by ensuring that you have immediate access to your  life saving epinephrine auto injectors at all times. 

"Self Carrying" epinephrine means that the Epipens or Auvi-q auto injectors need to be strapped to your body. 

Most kids as young as 5 years of age can self carry the pipens inside the undergarment WaistPal.   The first thing you "must do"  is select an epipen carrier for the food allergic individual to  help him/her easily "self carry" the auto injectors.  When I say self carry I mean not inside of a purse or a backpack that will most likely end up in the trunk of a car, the overhead compartment of a plane, or lost under a pile of bags stored inside a "concierge" storage room .

Over 80% of the time when someone is having a severe anaphylaxis allergic reaction, there was a delay in administering the life saving epinephrine medication because the person was not self carrying the Epipen's.

No matter how much attention you pay while at airports and public transportation areas you always loose something. A child with multiple food allergies is more likely to loose the Epipens if they carry them inside a back-pack or a purse. For this reason OmaxCare epi carriers such as the LegBuddy and the athletic cool looking undergarment WaistPal continue to be the favorite among school age children.  


Stay safe during the holiday season. Make the "self carry" Epipen  a rule and demand 100% compliance. Put on the epi carrier before going out.




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