Epipen junior use increases as more prepared foods use peanuts and eggs

Peanuts are used in many recipes, therefore be vigilant when eating at a restaurant or at a friends house.  The following is a list of some foods that are common sources of peanuts:
1. Sauces such as chili sauce, hot sauce, pesto, gravy, mole sauce, and salad dressing
2. Sweets such as pudding, cookies, and hot chocolate
3. Egg rolls
4. Potato pancakes
5. Pet food
6. Specialty pizzas
7. Asian and Mexican dishes
8. Some vegetarian food products, especially those advertised as meat substitutes
9. Foods that contain extruded, cold-pressed, or expelled peanut oil, which may contain peanut protein
10. Glazes and marinades

Always read labels no matter how many times you have consumed the same snack, cookie, or bread.  Package food products even if they look alike they use different ingredients also you could find the same brand item with two different ingredients.  For example, not too long milk was an ingredient listed in some boxes of Oreo cookies and excluded from others, Why?  Companies change ingredients often and depending on which facility they use to produce the food the ingredients and label warnings will vary. Why having to read so much? Traces of peanuts could also be found in many foods.  Thanks to new US government regulations, more and more companies are including not only the allergens warning in their ingredients but also the "may contain" traces due to manufacturing facilities sharing same equipment. 

Avoiding foods you are allergic to is extremely important, and because accidents could happen always be prepared and self carry the epinephrine auto injectors on you at all times. 

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