Is the Epipen® better than the Auvi-Q®?

Many individuals with food allergies want to get the new smaller epinephrine auto injector talking device  Auvi-Q but not sure if they are ready to let go of the larger but so familiar Epipen's. If you are facing this dilemma start carrying both and/or alternate and soon you will be able to choose the one that works best for you.   Don't get stressed out trying to decide which is better because both are great. Focus on  what really matters which is to always carry two epinephrine auto injectors on you at all times. Transporting the injectors inside a carrier that you feel comfortable wearing, instead of a bag,  will make it easier to carry them 24/7/
What is inside the Epipen®? and the AuviQ®? 
Both have the exact amount of epineprhine (adrenaline) dose inside,  the difference is the mechanism of the auto injectors. 
Currently, the EpiPen® Auto-injector is the most prescribed  treatment for severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis, with a market share of more than 95%. Other epinephrine auto-injectors,
similar in shape to EpiPen®, include Twinject®, Adrenaclick®, and Anapen®.  Auvi-Q™ is the size and shape of a credit card, and it is as thick as a smartphone and it also includes audio instructions on
how to use the device. The Epipen® and Auvi-Q are manufactured by reputable companies. According to doctors, both brands have the same amount of epinephrine medication patients should carry two auto injectors since a second dose might be needed before medical personnel can reach you.
Due to recent legislation passed in many US states, schools personnel are been trained on how to use the Epipen but that doesn't mean that your school age kid can't carry the Auvi-Q auto injectors.  What matters the most, is to always be prepared to stop anaphylaxis in case of a reaction and carrying epinephrine auto injectors in a pouch, bag or case that attaches to your body will ensure immediate access.
As auto-injectors the Epipen and Auvi-Q are both the best available injectors.
When traveling by plane the Epipens are usually easier to go through airport security because most of the guards are familiar with the way they look.
During an allergic reaction if you need the help of a stranger the Auvi-Q talking devises are audio instructions are easy to follow but in places where English is not the only spoken language, the visual instructions on the Epipens are easier to follow.
Choose the brand name and/or  the auto injector mechanism that better fits your lifestyle, get epicarriers that allow you to have immediate access to them, and never leave home without carrying your life saving epi's.

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