2016 Back to school new fashion trend after sharp increase in the number of schools giving permission for students to carry their Epipen.

Rapid increase in the number of middle and high schools students with asthma and food allergies who need to carry their inhalers and/or EpiPen is making OmaxCare™ "Strap On Body Wear Carriers" one of the latest fashion trends.
The LegBuddy™and WaistPal™  have become the most liked emergency medicine carriers among school age children  around the world. 
This year a record number of schools in the US are giving permission for students to self carry their life saving medications. Before anaphylaxis allergies was recognized as a life threatening condition,  many parents were sending their kids to school with their Epipen's hidden inside fanny packs and cross body bags. 
In 2005 a family that made two concealed epinephrine carriers for personal use
wanted to help others by given them away. They launched OmaxCare.com and by mid 2016 they have distributed over 20,000 carriers. . The website helps connect with other families and local communities and all sales proceeds are used to be able to continue making the products and
keep donating as many as possible. 
The ability to discreetly  and comfortably carry two Epipen under school uniforms made the WaistPal even more popular.
In September 2013 a mom and  AllergicKid.com food allergy blogger wrote an article titled "School Policy Gone Wrong: Surviving Food Allergies in Florida"  where she posted a picture of her son wearing the WaistPal   and shared quite an emotional story:
..."My instructions were for him to keep the Epi's hidden and not mention them to anyone unless they were needed. Although I wanted my child to be discreet I told him not to lie if an adult at school asked if he was wearing them."...
On Thursday my son wore his Epi-Pens again. That day the school confiscated them and asked me to come pick them up.Friday morning I received another early morning phone call, this time from the director of Health Services. She gave me the good news that after consultation with their attorney, they had come to the conclusion that my interpretation of the law was correct, and that my son would be allowed to self carry an Epi-Pen from now on. I cannot begin to describe my sense of relief.".....

 OmaxCare™ WaistPal™ and LegBuddy™ has become the most liked  medicine carrier among  school age children with anaphylaxis food allergies around the world and  a new  back to school fashion trend. 

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