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Age children carry their Epipen

Age children carry their Epipen

At what age should my son with food allergy start carrying his  Epipen Auto-Injectors?
Most parents of college students  with food allergies will tell you to start teaching your child to carry the epinephrine injectors  before they start middle school.

Many schools, especially in Canada, now require for
children to self carry the epinephrine auto injectors inside a

Is the Epipen® better than the Auvi-Q®?

Many individuals with food allergies want to get the new smaller epinephrine auto injector talking device  Auvi-Q but not sure if they are ready to let go of the larger but so familiar Epipen's. If you are facing this dilemma start carrying both and/or alternate and soon you will be able to choose the one that works best for you.   Don't get stressed out trying to decide which is better because both are great. Focus on  what really matters which is to always carry two epinephrine auto injectors on you at all times....