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Keep children with food allergies safe.

Keep children with food allergies safe.

Online surveys continue to demonstrate the need to help educate parents of food allergic kids about the importance of reading labels, teaching their children how to avoid food allergens, and ensure they have immediate access to life saving epinephrine at all times.   

A survey, conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by Mylan Specialty, included more than 300 U.S. parents of children with life-threatening allergies and found that nearly 90% of their children have holiday events planned with friends and family or at school. When self reporting about habits surrounding how they help prevent or prepare for anaphylaxis, less than...

Peanut free, egg free and milk free foods that are easy to find and everyone will love!

Peanut free, egg free and milk free foods that are easy to find and everyone will love!

Foods that are allergy free that everyone will like.  These are easy to prepare and serve when your having a party for your allergic kid or when his/her friends come over to visit. In addition, as kids get older and become more independent carrying a lunch box at all times is not realistic.   The following package foods could be easily found in most supermarkets and convenience stores on the US. Please remember that it is important to read labels every time you purchase a product because manufacturers “do” change ingredients often.

Peanut, nuts,...

Gluten, peanut, eagg, milk and soy free vitamins.

Here are some allergy free vitamins that some of our customers have recommended. 
These are available at Costco:

The label reads:

Power C
Gummy vitamins for adults
This product contains natural source colours and flavours. Contains no
wheat(gluten), milk, lactose, eggs, peanuts or soy.

They also make a multi-vitamin called MultiVites, Gummy vitamins for Adults.