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Food Allergy | How safe is your school?

Food Allergy | How safe is your school?

When our child entered Kindergarten, the concept of peanut free schools didn’t exist and trying to educate his teachers about food allergens was quite a challenge to say the least. My only choice was to teach our child how to live with food allergies.

At the age of two, I started taking him to the supermarket almost daily to help him visually learn what he could and could not eat. By age four, he was reading labels and could tell if it was safe to eat the food. “Better safe than sorry” continues to be our mantra. Not eating and...

Gluten, peanut, eagg, milk and soy free vitamins.

Here are some allergy free vitamins that some of our customers have recommended. 
These are available at Costco:

The label reads:

Power C
Gummy vitamins for adults
This product contains natural source colours and flavours. Contains no
wheat(gluten), milk, lactose, eggs, peanuts or soy.

They also make a multi-vitamin called MultiVites, Gummy vitamins for Adults.