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Which is better the Epipen or Auvi-Q?



Many have been looking forward to getting the new smaller epinephrine talking device and now that it became available are not ready to let go of the old but so familiar Epipens. As I told my kid, what really matters is for you to always carry the Epipen’s on you. If you have been carrying the epi’s inside a carrier that attaches to your clothing, or inside the pockets of your cargo pants, then you have nothing to worry about.
The hope most parents and...

Gluten, peanut, eagg, milk and soy free vitamins.

Here are some allergy free vitamins that some of our customers have recommended. 
These are available at Costco:

The label reads:

Power C
Gummy vitamins for adults
This product contains natural source colours and flavours. Contains no
wheat(gluten), milk, lactose, eggs, peanuts or soy.

They also make a multi-vitamin called MultiVites, Gummy vitamins for Adults.

Is the Epipen® better than the Auvi-Q®?

Many individuals with food allergies want to get the new smaller epinephrine auto injector talking device  Auvi-Q but not sure if they are ready to let go of the larger but so familiar Epipen's. If you are facing this dilemma start carrying both and/or alternate and soon you will be able to choose the one that works best for you.   Don't get stressed out trying to decide which is better because both are great. Focus on  what really matters which is to always carry two epinephrine auto injectors on you at all times....