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Children Epinephrine epi pen Jr Case WaistPal™ Underwear

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Children WaistPal™  

Undergarment Epi pen waist sling. Especially designed for students to discreetly and comfortably carry two epinephrine auto injectors under school uniforms and during after school activities.

For children ages four and older.

  • Fast Access Pockets ( one front & one back)    
  • Discreet! Easy to hide under school uniform and clothing. Only 1.5 inches wide (3.81cm)
  • Soft  neoprene material that contours to your body for all day comfort
  • No Pinch  no  buckles
  • Comfortable fully lined inside like a soft underwear that adjusts to your body shape
  • Adjustable straps with soft/flexible sides
  • Waterproof & Insulted
  • No Smells :) - - and is easy to wash
  • SIZING: Measure waist/hip circumference where the child would wear the sling, If it measures 20 to 32 inches it will fit.  


MEASURING KIDS: Customers have bought this item for kids entering pre-school. Measure the waist of the child just above where they usually wear their pants.  If it measures 20 inches it will fit. 


If waist measures 20 to 30 inches one epi pocket will be positioned in the front  and the second in the middle of the back. Positioning of the pockets will vary according to waist size.  Additional side strap included for waists larger than 34 inches. Not recommended for individuals with a waist that measures over 42 inches.  


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